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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Antelope Ridge is located in Meade County.

Fireworks are not permitted at Antelope Ridge and are a violation of your lease. Please keep in mind that loud noises such as fireworks can be a health hazard to individuals and pets with sensitivity issues such as PTSD.

If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1. For non-emergent calls, please contact the County Dispatch at (605) 923-1401. If your emergency is a maintenance item, please call our 24/7 maintenance number (605) 550-2355 and select option 1.

This is an access authorization addendum signed by the resident to allow maintenance permission to acquire a key to your home in order to complete a work order when you are not home. We do this as a convenience to the resident. In the event of an emergency or risk of danger to the property or someone in the home, PTE does not apply. Permission to enter cannot be granted by anyone under the age of 18.

Routine maintenance repairs are provided to all residents of Antelope Ridge. This service is at no cost. In the event service is required to repair damage caused by the resident, the cost of the repair will be the responsibility of the resident and must be paid or assessed to the resident ledger prior to the repair.

Lawn care service is provided for front and side yards where applicable to all residents of Antelope Ridge at no cost. Residents are responsible for mowing, trimming, and weeding of their backyard and all flower bed maintenance. Contact your Leasing Specialist for more information on the backyard lawn care program we offer.

You rent your home, you do not own it. If an item is not working properly, we will repair or replace it. The resident may be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing an item if it was damaged by a resident or their guest and is not considered normal wear and tear.

You must pick up after your pet(s) in order to ensure a sanitary and aesthetically pleasing environment for all of our residents. Pet stations are located in the community, and you are welcome to use them to dispose of the pet’s waste while you are walking your pet.

We ask our residents to secure their animal when maintenance will be in the home because it can be a safety issue. Even a friendly animal can react negatively to a stranger in the home. Maintenance also cannot be responsible for ensuring pets don’t escape from the home during their visit.

Maintenance will not enter a home if no one in the home at the time is at least 18 years old. This policy is to protect both the minors in the home and our employees.

This is to ensure that Property Management has a key to your home in case of an emergency.

Antelope Ridge hires a 3rd party vendor to plow the streets and courts within the Antelope Ridge Community. It is the resident’s responsibility to clear driveways within 24 hours after a snowfall.

Residents must submit an Exception to Policy form for consideration of this type of request by property management.

Residents must submit an Exception to Policy form for consideration by property management for any animals other than cats or dogs.

Oil changes are not permitted on Antelope Ridge property.

Your lease includes a clause requiring that residents contact their Leasing Specialist for a Notice to Vacate appointment to provide a minimum of 30 days notice of their intent to vacate the home in writing. Your Leasing Specialist will work with you on the scheduling of move-out inspections and a review of all final amounts owed which are due upon move out.

"Residents have three cleaning options: Residents may clean the house following the Antelope Ridge Cleaning Guidelines sheet provided to residents. Carpets must be professionally cleaned no more than 48 hours prior to the final move-out inspection and a receipt provided to Antelope Ridge at the final move-out inspection. Residents may hire a contractor to clean the house prior to the final move out inspection. All negotiations will be strictly between the resident and the contractor. Carpets must be professionally cleaned no more than 48 hours prior to the final move-out inspection and a receipt provided to Antelope Ridge at the final move-out inspection. Residents may utilize the Antelope Ridge Pay & Go service, which handles all necessary cleaning, including carpets, once the home has been vacated. Price is based on home size and can be obtained by contacting your Leasing Specialist"

For the purpose of each resident’s peace and enjoyment, solicitation is not allowed at Antelope Ridge. This includes all forms of solicitation, including fundraising, proselytizing, and campaigning.


There is no fee to take a tour. We also have several virtual videos you can view on our floor plans page (hyperlink to floor plans page). One of our Leasing Specialists would be happy to walk you through a home virtually or in person (if available).

You can make an appointment or walk into our Welcome Center.

Our management team is local so you would have direct access to them if your Leasing Specialist cannot help you with any concerns you might have.

The application process can be completed online through our website. You can apply directly on the home you are interested in. After you sign up for a RentCafe account it will take you through the step by step application process.

The application and background screening process can take anywhere from 3-5 days to determine if you are approved for a home.

You pay your application fee(s), your deposit and any pro-rated costs for rent, utilities and any other miscellaneous fees when you sign your lease prior to move-in.

Apply early and pay all of your fees and rent on time.

When you apply for a home you create a RentCafe account. Rent can be paid directly through the resident portal or app or through the Walk in Payment System (WIPS) currently offered through Walmart.

Rent is paid through our resident portal or appor through the Walk in Payment System (WIPS) currently offered through Walmart.

There are not monthly fees if you pay using a checking account. If you opt to use a credit or debit card there is a fee associated.

Residents in Antelope Ridge are required to have renter's insurance prior to move in. If you need additional information the Leasing Specialist you are working with can assist you.

You pay a monthly amount for electricity, water, gas, sewer/water and trash. The monthly amount is based on the size of your home and these are shown and paid through the resident portal or app with your rent.

The majority of our resident use Midco for cable and internet. There are others in the area if you are interested in a different provider.

We are not currently running any specials for resident referrals.

Residents are allowed to have guests in their home. If the visit is more than 14 days refer to the Resident Guide or your Leasing Specialist for more details.

Our rental rates are managed and you are able to select the lease term which bests suits what you are looking for. You can look at rates from 3-15 months. A deduction is not provided to pay in advance.

There is a transfer fee you would pay and you would need to fill out a new application and pay that fee. If you are approved for transfer the security deposit will move with you. If you are subject to a higher security deposit you would pay the difference.

We do not allow subleasing of homes or lease takeovers.

Should you choose not to fulfill the term of your lease, you can fill out an Early Termination Addendum which will show the fees you would be responsible for. Depending on the ending of your lease, the fees equal approximately two months of total charges on your account. 


Antelope Ridge has several tennis courts and basketball courts throughout the community. There are also a couple playgrounds and a clubhouse for rent. There are miles of sidewalks and open spaces for residents to enjoy.

Each home comes with two parking spaces, the garage and driveway. Any street parking is first come first serve. We also offer paid parking spaces in certain areas of the community and a recreational vehicle storage lot on site.

Depending on the homestyle you choose, the hookups may be in the lower level or on the upper level. Your Leasing Specialist can tell you more specifically when you are approved on a home.

Yes we allow 2 pets per home.

There is a $300 non-refundable pet fee for each pet and $30 pet rent per pet, per month.

There are no weight restrictions but we do have some breed restrictions. You can refer to our Resident Guide or reach out to your Leasing Specialist for more information.

We do have a dog park located near the playground. There is also 250 acres in Antelope Ridge, plenty of sidewalks and green areas for you to take your pets out.

All homes come with a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Every home has washer/dryer hookups but we do not supply those.

We do not have furnished homes available.

We do offer leases from 3 - 15 months in length.

No we do not hold packages in our office for residents.

Quiet hours for Antelope Ridge are from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. There is a fee for renting out the community area in the Welcome Center.


No we do not have public transportation close. Ride share services do operate in the area.

Antelope Ridge is close to Ellsworth AFB and is in a beautiful area of the Black Hills. There are 6 national parks located within an hours driving distance.

We are located in the Douglas School District.

There are a variety of bike trails within a 30 minute driving distance in Rapid City and the Black Hills.

Rapid City has a variety of shopping areas for residents, just a 15 minute trip away.

Pure Bean Ellsworth is located just shy of 3 miles from our Welcome Center.


Traveling West on I-90 you take Exit 67 and turn right on Liberty Blvd, turn right on Tower Rd, and turn left on 224th which brings you into the community. Traveling East on I-90 you take Exit 67B which turns into Liberty Blvd, turn right on Tower Rd, and turn left on 224th which brings you into the community.

224th is the only street which brings you into Antelope Ridge.


Your home goes through an extensive COM (Change of Occupancy Management) process prior to your move in. We work hard to make sure your home is move in ready and looks fresh and new!

Yes we have an on site maintenacne team and an on call technician 24/7 for emergencies.

You can call our maintenance office and they will open a work order. A maintenance technician will be dispatched to perform the work.

For emergency issues a maintenance technician will respond within an hour, urgent issues will be responded to within 4 hours and routine issues will be responded to within 24 hours.

You do not need to be present for work to be completed in your home.

You can call our maintenance office or our after hours call center and a maintenance technician will be dispatched to let you into your home. Fees do apply.

Yes we allow decorations inside and outside the home. The Resident Guide can provide more specific details on what is allowed and when they must be taken down.

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